Residential -
Sona Habitation - Bikaner, Rajasthan

A place that offers you comfort to a level where your home becomes your own paradise.

Enjoy the finest facilities along with modern amenities to give you the ideal living space thus ensuring modern living while still being close to nature.

Every apartment is well-ventilated with natural light streaming into every room. Here, you can cushion your senses with artistic furniture and impressive enclosures.


Move ahead of mundane homes and walk into a world that is built beyond the superlative. Cuddle up to its warm enclosures that wait to welcome you. Sona Habitation stands as a truly majestic home that deserves a precious you.
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Sona Habitation
Land Bearing Patta 50,
Misal No.2,
Situated at Gajner Road,
Bikaner, Rajasthan.