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Nine Globe Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a customer–driven Indian company with a reputation for innovation, quality, speed and flexibility backed by three decade old rich experience and vision of its promoters.

Our business is spread globally, but is principally operated from and is located in India, one of the fastest growing large economies in the world.

Nine Globe Industries Pvt. Ltd. is an exceptional diversified company with a world class resource and product base and strong foothold in the areas of Real Estate, Mining, Metals and Exports.

We believe our expertise and experience of global operations will complement operations and expansion of our businesses in India and will allow us to capitalize on attractive growth opportunities arising from India's developing economy, relatively low cost of operations and large and inexpensive labour and talent pools.

Nine Globe Industries Pvt. Ltd. has a team of professionally skilled workforce that ensures the highest standards of quality and timely schedules to fulfil the need of global market.

Efforts are always on to identify new markets, varying customer/ country requirements, understand their social & cultural patterns, develop and design new products to suit their specific requirements. With these guiding principles Nine Globe is poised for an exciting journey in this new millennium.